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Our Vision

Touch of New life was born from the passion of serving, helping, and guiding youth to reach their full potential in life. Our staff members have experienced both the bestowing and have been the recipients of such blessings. Because of this personal experience we strongly believe and stand behind our mission. Through God's help, the persistence, perseverance, consistency, prayer and the willingness of all, we believe the goals will be met and the touch of new life will be provided to the youth in need. 

Over the past two decades, we have helped well over (100) youth get scholarships, graduate high school, attend college, join the military, get employed and some now work for a public safety agency. Most if not all youth members developed valuable skills needed to obtain a good paying job. The mentorship offered throughout our careers, as church leaders and community leaders has allowed many minorities youth avoid incarceration by excelling in life as they pursued a higher level of education, training and other employment opportunities. 

Read and see some of the success stories achieved by this mentorship and job force development offered. 

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