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Crime Scene Investigator
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  • Location: Richmond High School in Richmond, CA

  • Dates: June 10-27, 2024

​This is a hands-on course designed to help those interested in public safety careers gain knowledge, training and experience.


We have active and retired police, agents, firefighters, paramedics and attorneys from different agencies providing training to students. This allows students to learn different styles of public safety work to better serve our diverse communities. 

Students will learn soft skills needed to become a quality candidate for a public safety career (Police, Fire, Dispatch, Paramedic, Homeland Security)

Get a mentor from a local public safety agency!

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If you are between the ages of 14-24
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Employment preparation:

  • Work-based learning

  • On-the-job training

  • Background check preparation

  • Support services 



  • Life skills

  • Anger Management

  • Resume & Interview preparation

  • Financial Literacy

  • Security training (18+)

  • Dispatcher training 

  • Mental Wellness by Dr. Freizer


  • CPR/First aid certifications

  • Avert Active Shooter Training

  • Security Guard Card (18+)

  • Stop the bleed


High School Seniors who successfully graduate the summer academy will have an opportunity to earn a scholarship.

New college student registration application

Application Instructions (


Apply Now - Contra Costa College

Current DVC/CCC/ LMC students

Register for summer course.

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